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My Story

I am an educator, innovator, and entrepreneur who has left my imprint on multiple school systems in Southeast Michigan. With talents in project management, fostering partnerships, STEM education, and college access, I am rooted in the commitment to youth who have been historically underserved. 


I have spent over 15 years developing a solid track record of achieving learning and project goals. First, as a secondary teacher certified in Biology and Chemistry, then as an Education Administrator and Program Manager at the University of Michigan - College of Engineering. 


I specialize in

  • program design

    • planning

    • implementation

    • management

    • monitoring

    • evaluation

  • curriculum & instruction alignment and development​

My portfolio at Keith Institute (Ki) includes individual, institutional, community, and grassroots projects. My influence has offered expertise in producing an education podcast from 2016 to 2018, a Community Career Day for Detroit youth (2018), and developing a tutoring framework for groups of students at the Horatio Williams Foundation.


My background in consulting has allowed me to develop sound organizing strategies for clients such as Atlanta-based Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist Jenay Hicks and community engagement initiatives at Romulus Community Schools and Westwood Community Schools. I continue to create an impact throughout the community by developing and implementing programs to help leaders run their businesses more effectively. While education consulting and program development is my method of influence, my drives are primarily rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


"With a focus on data, diversity, and inclusion for underserved factions of the global population, we recognize that we are one village, from our family to yours."

-Keith Institute Team

My Mission

To foster educational inclusion. 

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