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Available Services

Co-Creating Education w/ Kharena

Get your content ideas in front of students,  adult participants, and audiences along side a seasoned STEM educator and DEI strategist. I have a successful track record in education, STEM, and DEI for 15 years. This includes the production of workbooks, modules and other educational resources. 

Workshop Development & Management

​Let me...

  • Handle the logistics of training workshops and gatherings

  • Coordinate the participant evaluations 

  • Prepare surveys to collect input from partners, contributors, and audience members 

Where Outsourcing Begins

I will organize and execute all parts of your professional life that you dislike or lack the time for. This can include project management, problem solving,  process optimization and resource / program improvement.

Development of multimedia content

Resources such as

  • Email automations

  • Email series

  • Slide decks

  • Digital libraries

  • Newsletters 

Vision Facilitator &  Integration

Without proper execution of a vision, it's likely that things can become disorganized, goals are missed and things slip through the cracks. Im great at taking the ideas that visionary people may throw out by filtering them first, and then making them practical and executable - and thus reality. I am pragmatic &  focused on the details. 

Developing Partnerships & Building Relationships

I have a background in bridging communites around programs and projects, such as youth employment. I can identify partners and networks with a particular focus on diverse and underserved populations.

Are you ready?

Leverage the skills and expertise of a seasoned educator with experience in successful program implementation to enhance your organization’s educational programming and operations.

1. Book a discovery/brainstorming call 
2. Recieve a scope and proposal
3. We can take it from there!

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