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"with my help your growth-stage educational intiative will flourish"

- Kharena Coleman


Enhance your programs with special guests from the community to share their expertise, but don't miss the details and follow-up that are necessary for success. Access a free template that I use for onboarding special guest speakers.

Creating new initiatives can be daunting in the planning and preparation stages... 

Save Time

Save time with an educator who has the proven ability to see initiatives excel.  


Attract youth with engaging programs and retain your audiences with new initiatives


Gain access to everything that you need to implement a high quality program or initiative. 

  • What's included in a pre-written program plan?
    Pre-written program plans are designed for engaging underserved communities. They include: Lesson plans Preparation instructions with realistic time considerations/constraints Editable timeline with action items Task lists Templates Overview, goals and descriptions Assessment tools [surveys and growth tracking evaluations] Realistic considerations about group time, pre-prep time, and special support for each session depending on group size and scope.
  • How long does it take? What does this cost?
    Low involvement partnerships take 5 business days. Medium to High involvement partnerships range from 2 weeks to multiple months.
  • Add-on options
    Reach out to me to arrange for any of the professionals below or special services to be incorporated into your program. - Certified yoga instructor - Firefighter or wellness professional - African-centered learning themes
  • Im interested. What are the next steps?
    Book a call to meet with Kharena. After the discovery/brainstorming call, receive a scope and proposal for the project. We can take it from there!
  • What are program previews?
    It can be tricky and lengthy to explain the various program options that are available as pre-written plans. Below is a preview of various programs and initiatives that have pre-written plans/toolkits for purchase.
  • Freethinkers Camp
    Freethinkers Camp harnesses the summer break from school to intentionally assess and address the learning deficiencies that students experience during the traditional school year. Each component of this learning model reinforces our commitment to excellence. We believe that greatness begins by encouraging the curiosity and creativity of our scholars, while incorporating character building strategies that promote determination and resilience. This curriculum is based on testing that is conducted and the expected learning goals for grade level proficiency. Our scholars will work through their program every morning at camp with a certified teacher. This program is academic and service oriented enrichment that will focus on intellectual, emotional and psychological growth activities. During this camp experience, students are equipped with the personal attributes needed to excel in any educational setting. Definition of Freethinker : a person who thinks freely or independently : one who forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority Goals: Develop soft skills (collaboration, communication, problem-solving, time management and leadership) that are necessary across multiple disciplines and will ultimately affect student success in their educational careers. Identify 1-3 specific math or reading concepts for each student to master though deliberate practice using the strategic tutoring academic framework (STAF) model. Utilize a strategic tutoring academic framework to target and master 1-3 math or reading concepts
  • Know Your Rights
    The Know Your Rights workshop features a special guest, local attorney. Goals: - Deepen understanding of civic engagement in young people. - Provide an opportunity to educate youth on this topic that is not taught in many schools. -Identify which rights/laws that teen need to know. -Discuss how to get involved in the community. -Discuss local civics (Civics:the study of the rights and duties of citizenship) -Finding your representatives and understand local ordinances? Examples: What does a state rep and senator do? Council people? How does voting work? Council meeting and the public? This workshop series has a fireside chat (informal) tone and participants have access to privately submit questions at any time.
  • Career Exploration
    Career Exploration Workshops can be conducted as an event or series. Preview the Career Workshop that we hosted for the community HERE.
  • Workplace Internships/Shadowing
    Previous our previous program placing youth in employment settings for learning experiences. YCS @ Work program prepares Ypsi students to pursue dream careers Puffer Reds talks YCS @Work
  • Waking Up The Genius
    Waking up the Genius workshop (series) for parents and pre-teens Goals: Nurturing the gifts Strengthening the weaknesses Tools and guidance Breaking down concepts Watch / observe Diagnose errors Modeling
  • Home Economics Camp
    During this multi-day mini-camp, youth will rotate in small groups through multiple stations where they have the chance to learn about food, nutrition and health, personal finance, family resource management and planning, textiles and clothing, consumerism, and hospitality. When young people return for a subsequent session, they will have the opportunity to put their new skills to use, by transforming their learning space into a Kid’s Cafe and host their community in a culminating dinner presentation.
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